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Reseller Project Stock - Branded Trainers/Shoes - Mixed Sizes/Grades - £10/KG

Reseller Project Stock - Branded Trainers/Shoes - Mixed Sizes/Grades - £10/KG

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We have been sourcing a variety of trainers, and realised the job to restore, clean and fix to be in an individual per pair selling basis, to be a large task!

Instead, we wanted to sell these in a per KILO bundle, in an exclusive test run of 20kg available.

These kilos will contain a huge variety of Nike trainers, Lacoste/Ralph Lauren boat/loafer style shoes, Clarks/Tommy Hilfiger shoes, plus Adidas, Reebok, Fila brands.  

Due to authenticity uncertainty with some pairs, we are selling it at £15/kg, if we have them all pre-authenticated we would have to charge £20/kg.

Roughly 1-2 pairs per kilo.  If you need more pictures I will try to add some soon.

All wholesale/Kilo orders are NON returnable/refundable, so make sure to try one before you buy too many if you want to check conditions/quality.
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