Gullygarms - How it started

We wanted to give you a little look into gullygarms, more about the company; who we are and what our mission is for secondhand clothing and vintage fashion.



Gullygarms was started in 2012 by Spencer Lyon; it began from his bedroom in the early days; sourcing clothing from charity shops and car boot sales, whilst finding models and putting them in the clothing.  


The mission from the beginning of gullygarms was very simple...
find cool clothing, find cool people


Gullygarms is based in Loughborough, in the east midlands area.  The company is a family ran business; Spencer employed his mum (In gully known as Marge) in 2015.  Since then, it's evolved into an overall family friends business.  
Everyone over the years at Gullygarms has always worked towards the mission of finding cool clothing, and finding cool people to wear them.

In the last few years, the company merged a new approach towards their business.  Being a secondhand clothing company is a sustainable process;  and whilst clothing is the currently second largest cause for climate change, it seemed essential to become more vocal with this, and make in-house adaptions; such as our completely biodegradable mailing bags, to only source vintage and secondhand clothing from UK suppliers, where it comes via the road and not the sea or air.

The mission for Gullygarms is to show you that you can dress the best for less, but also, to show you models who hopefully represent somebody you can identify with, and be able to have the best judgement for how the clothing will fit you.  We want to make our products as clear as possible, and the importance of modelling the clothing is a core foundation by Spencer.

For anybody who has joined us along any part of this journey, we thank you. 
And we look forward to all the continued projects we plan to roll out!