How we're working in 2023

A happy new year to you all - we hope at Gullygarms, that you all managed to enjoy some time off to reflect on 2022, and things you want to do in the new year.

We spent 2022 realising that we wanted to make a difference.
Our mission last year was to help you dress the best for less; our mantra that focused on affordable fashion choices, secondhand clothing being a cheaper alternative to other options.
This year we’re continuing that and making it clearer in the process.

How it works:

We will be uploading and adding 30 new secondhand and vintage clothing products to the website every day at or before 7pm UK time.  The items will include a mixture of menswear, womenswear, kids and juniors. 

When an item has been live and available to buy on the website for 60 days or more, it will automatically be placed in our 50% off sale section. 
Once an item has been live for a further 30 days (So 90 days total) It will be moved into our 70% off sale section.
Our thought process here is that we want to encourage vintage and secondhand fashion as an affordable option.
It’s difficult to always be able to fit in with current trends and fashion; due to the higher priced points.  We want to combat this and respectfully price our secondhand items to you.

We want to raise and scale the recycling impact we have within the secondhand clothing industry; we have saved and re-homed over 800,000 individual secondhand vintage items of clothing since we began in 2012. 
We believe our price reduction scheme will encourage and give highlight to affordable fashion options.  All of our inventory from 2022 and before has now been automatically moved to our sale section, and this reset begins as of January 3rd 2023.
You can browse the complete sale section here; this section includes thousands of items from our inventory that have been on the website for 60 days or longer.
This section will be a permanent feature, so for all discounted items or affordable fashion options, please see our sale section here.
Due to this change with our angle, we won’t be increasing the prices of our new products, they will remain the same.  For more information about this, you can sign up to our email mailing list or follow us on Instagram @gullygarms and Tik Tok @lifeatgully for regular updates.