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Reseller Mystery Bales - £10/KG

Reseller Mystery Bales - £10/KG

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Are you a reseller on eBay, Depop, Vinted, Live Streaming?

We've decided to give you all access to buying our untouched bales at a FIXED price of £10/KG, with a breakdown of what can be included 
(for more reference, see attached video at the bottom showcasing what's inside a few random bales)

How does it work?
You buy a bale, we have them ready at 16-18KG - you pay one price and get a MYSTERY bale, but here are some things it can include;

Typical breakdowns:
60% branded (Minimum: including brands such as Ralph Lauren, Nike, Dickies, The North Face, Adidas, Fila, Lacoste, Fred Perry, Reebok, Superdry, Jack Wills, plus many others) 
Designer is included too - brands we've seen so far (Stone Island, Moschino, Canada Goose, Plus others)

What is the grade?  
Grade A-C; Grade A-B makes up 80-85% of the volume, with a 10-15% chance of Grade C (Typically is >10%)

How does delivery work?
We charged a fix price PER bale, sent via Parcelforce 24/48 Hour services, we will ship all bales within 5-7 days of purchase.

How much profit can I make?
As much as you can! Each 1KG will typically contain 1-8 items per KG; where heavy coats = 1KG, Sweatshirts/Hoodies = 2 per 1KG, T-shirts = 5-7 per KG

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Do you want to start reselling? This video below shows EXAMPLES of what you can receive in our BALES, click here to view the bales